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The Black and Green Ambassadors programme plays a pivotal and instrumental role in nurturing strong leaders from diverse communities across Bristol with the vision and drive to inspire and ignite action, to achieve an environmentally and socially just future for all. With 16% of the city’s population belonging to a black or minority ethnic group, the need for diversity in leadership that is representative of all communities – including those often disproportionately affected – is fundamental to ensure all voices, opinions and experiences are heard and included in decision making.

Since launching in October 2020, Year One Ambassadors have:

  • Raised the profile of Bristol’s leadership and ambitions in the media locally and further afield
  • Spoken at over 30+ major events locally and nationally including interviewing all Bristol Mayoral candidates and speaking at London Climate Action Week, Festival of Ideas, St Paul’s Carnival and many more
  • Amplified 60+ community leaders and projects through the radio show, events and communications
  • Produced monthly radio shows on issues including clean air, green spaces, grassroots sustainable food projects – reaching Ujima Radio’s 30,000+ listenership
  • Inspired and challenged 600+ attendees and participants at Black & Green Ambassador hosted events, workshops and community research projects
  • Been long listed for an Ashden Award to celebrate 2021 Climate Champions

In October 2021, we publish the Year One report and share learnings and impact with partners and audiences nationally and internationally at a special event at Festival of the Future City. Meanwhile, radio content, interviews and public speaking opportunities will continue to reach and influence thousands of people.

The scope of the project is limitless. Bristol has positioned itself as a pioneer in working collaboratively for a just and green future, and the Black & Green Ambassadors programme is demonstrative in how to achieve this at scale. Over Years Two and Three, we will be working with partners and stakeholders to explore future options for expanding and scaling the programme.

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