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Meet the team

Ujima Radio

Ujima Radio CIC is Bristol’s leading Black Media and Arts award-winning organisation (National Diversity Award and Community Radio Awards) delivering a diverse programme of activities and vision.

We build appropriate responses to issues affecting Black people in pursuit of our Mission: to inform, represent, educate, entertain, communicate, and celebrate the culture, heritage, and diversity of Black and other minority communities. We also bring communities together to build the capacity and skills of local groups, young people, and individuals by enabling them to take part in radio broadcasting and other media activities and events.

As a Social Enterprise, core to our offer is our Ofcom licensed community radio station, broadcasting culturally relevant news, discussions, music and online with 30,000 weekly listeners.

The station celebrates African and Caribbean cultures through music and informative speech programming and as such has a particular appeal to Bristol’s Black communities.

We achieve our vision through delivering arts, broadcast and media projects, activities, and events, to increase representation and to provide opportunities for under-represented voices to develop the skills needed to pursue careers in media and the arts.

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Bristol Green Capital Partnership

Founded in 2007 and thought to be the largest partnership of its kind in the world, the Partnership’s unique network brings together more than 1,000 member organisations from across sectors – public, private, civil society and academia – in Bristol, the West of England, and beyond in pursuit of our shared vision and to advance the city’s response to the climate and ecological emergencies

Our mission is to enable progress towards a just transition that responds to the climate and ecological emergencies – throughout Bristol, and the city region; and to share learnings and best practice beyond Bristol through the towns and cities of the West of England, across the UK and globally. We do this by:

  • Enabling: Supporting the Partnership’s evolving network of over 1,000 organisations – enabling collaboration, information and skills-sharing, and collective action;
  • Amplifying: Showcasing innovation and best practice, and showcasing positive climate, ecological and social initiatives within and beyond Bristol and the West of England
  • Influencing: Enabling members of the Partnership to engage with policy-makers and decision-making processes to ensure city, regional and national frameworks support our shared vision

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Project team

Paulette North

Chair of Ujima Radio Directors (Black & Green project lead)

Clare Leczycki

Bristol Green Capital Partnership – Interim Operations & Project Manager (Black & Green project lead)

Carlton Romaine

Ujima Radio – Black & Green Ambassadors Coordinator

Lizzi Testani

Bristol Green Capital Partnership – Chief Operating Officer

Clara Fung

Bristol Green Capital Partnership – Project Coordinator

Steering Group

Gnisha Bevans

Community Development / Environmental & Social Justice specialist, University of the West of England Masters student, Co-lead of Black Seeds Network

Sophie Ross-Smith

Manager of the Cabot Institute for the Environment at University of Bristol

Jamie Darwen

Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Projects Lead at University of the West of England

Jasmine Ketibuah-Foley

Founding Black & Green Ambassador, Broadcast Journalist

Manu Maunganidze

Teacher & Youth Outreach Coordinator, Diversity & Inclusion specialist, Director of Bristol Green Capital Partnership

Rich Pancost

Programme Co-founder, Advisor to Steering Group, Head of School Earth Sciences and Professor of Biogeochemistry (Earth Systems) at University of Bristol

Roger Griffith

Managing Director at Creative Connex and Co-lead of Black Seeds Network

Zakiya McKenzie

Founding Black & Green Ambassador, Journalist, Academic and Writer in Residence at Forestry England


Mentorship is a crucial part of the programme, supporting Ambassadors in planning their leadership development pathway and navigating the range of opportunities and engagements

Meet the Ambassadors

Working with and between diverse communities, businesses, other organisations and individuals to explore, amplify and enable solutions leading to an environmentally and socially just

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Black & Green Ambassadors 2021-2022 We’re looking to recruit four Black & Green Ambassadors to begin on 20 September 2021. 12-month freelance contract with