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Connecting, empowering and celebrating diverse leadership and community action on environmental issues in Bristol and beyond; challenging perceptions, creating new opportunities and working towards ensuring the environmental movement is inclusive and representative of all communities.
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Research projects

to breathe

Building a picture of and community solutions for clean air in Bristol.


Exploring the current and historical roots of Bristol’s Black, Brown and diverse residents and how they relate to being outdoors.

Cultural Heritage

How does cultural heritage affect environmental sustainability?

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This is the year to get your whole school trained up as the UK is hosting the critical ‘COP26’ international climate conference in November 2021.
The UK Schools Sustainability Network has produced a 60-minute Climate/Sustainability INSET video aimed at all staff in secondary schools, including sixth-form colleges.

By Amber Rochette, Partnerships Lead at Sustainable Fashion Week. Sustainability is becoming a popular buzzword in the fashion industry, and companies are attempting to

Researchers, Dr Alix Dietzel & Dr Alice Venn, share initial findings from their year-long project looking at the role of sub-state climate change actors in a just and inclusive transition, including the Black & Green Ambassadors.

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