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As part of their work, the Ambassadors will develop and deliver community-based research projects to raise awareness of environmental justice issues and inequality and bring the perspectives of people from Bristol’s Black, African, Caribbean, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities to the foreground. Through working with communities, Ambassadors are able to frame questions and gather the evidence needed to advocate for change as well as identify tangible solutions – whilst showcasing grass-roots approaches to environmental sustainability, celebrating best practice and stimulating debate with diverse voices. 

Current projects

Green Spaces & Me

Exploring the connections that Disabled people & families with children from Black & Brown communities have to green spaces.

Previous projects

To Breathe

Building a picture of and community solutions for clean air in Bristol.

Cultural Heritage

How does cultural heritage affect environmental sustainability?


Exploring the current and historical roots of Bristol’s Black, Brown and diverse residents and how they relate to being outdoors.


Telling visual stories from residents of Easton and Lawrence Hill of their views about the environment.

Diverse Natures

Developing ways to engage with and encourage diverse audiences to connect with nature.