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Black Environmentalists: sustainability at St Pauls Carnival

On 23 October 2020 Black & Green Ambassador and Sustainable Waste Consultant Olivia Sweeney took part in a Black Environmentalist panel discussion as part of St Pauls Carnival series of events for Black History Month. The event, hosted by Bristol Old Vic, looked at sustainability at the Carnival, and Black sustainability in general. 

Fellow panellist Manu Maunganidze is an outdoor educator, diversity consultant, as well as a Board member for Bristol Green Capital Partnership. They covered a range of topics including barriers to accessing nature by people of colour, how to be more sustainable in everyday life, and sustainable practices at St Pauls Carnival such as making costumes from reused materials. 

When discussing sustainable practices within Black and minority ethnic communities, Olivia talked about championing what is already happening within communities. Such actions might not be labelled as ‘sustainable’ but are just how people across different generations are living their day to day lives. 

Watch the panel show in full here: