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Black & Green Ambassadors longlisted for prestigious Ashden Award

Celebrating transformative climate solutions

The Black & Green Ambassadors programme has been longlisted for a prestigious Ashden Award for Green Communities, highlighting resilient community action that is happening in the face of the climate crisis. Ashden, a UK charity, has been supporting transformative climate solutions for 20 years. More than 800 organisations applied for the 2021 Ashden Awards, and the Black and Green Ambassadors is just one of 38 to have made it to the longlisting stage.

Ashden’s CEO Harriet Lamb said: “In the year that governments, climate innovators and activists gather at the COP26 global climate summit in Glasgow, these inspiring climate champions demonstrate the many  solutions that can be replicated at scale and speed. The Ashden Awards focus on cutting-edge initiatives that are both green and fair –  that deliver climate justice, create good jobs, train people in green skills, and cut carbon.”

Sharing knowledge

Although the Black & Green Ambassadors programme did not make it through to the final selection, Ambassadors took part on the first of three learning network events where members from grassroots climate organisations from across the UK can come together to share knowledge and expertise on community work.