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Meet the 2021-2022 Black & Green Ambassadors!

Ujima Radio and Bristol Green Capital Partnership are delighted to announce that Ella Scotland-Waters, Miss Divine, Rosina Al-Shaater and Ruth Nortey have been appointed as the new Black & Green Ambassadors following an open recruitment process.

Starting in September, Ella, Miss Divine, Rosina and Ruth are taking forward the work of previous Ambassadors in their year-long posts. As well as receiving training and mentorship to support their professional development, the new Ambassadors will be supported to work with and between Bristol’s diverse communities, businesses, other organisations and individuals across Bristol to explore, amplify and enable solutions leading to an environmentally and socially just future for all.

In 2021, tune into the monthly Black & Green radio show on Ujima Radio on the last Thursday of every month and look out for booking opening for a Black & Green community workshop later this year. You can stay up to date with all opportunities by signing up to the e-newsletter.

This is the second year of a three-year programme, supported by the National Lottery Community Fund, which aims to connect, empower and celebrate diverse leadership and community action on environmental issues in Bristol and beyond; challenging perceptions, creating new opportunities and working towards ensuring the environmental movement is inclusive and representative of all communities.

Meet the Ambassadors

Left to right: Ella Scotland-Waters, Ruth Nortey, Miss Divine, Rosina Al-Shaater

Ella Scotland-Waters:  “All my endeavours are underpinned by these core values; creativity, community, connection and compassion. I see my role as a Black and Green Ambassador as Championing & Raising Awareness on Environmental and Social Justice issues, highlighting and connecting with people and causes, bridging the gap between communities and organisations; regionally, nationally and internationally.Read more here

Ruth Nortey: “It’s an exciting opportunity for me to work with Black and Brown people in Bristol, championing the great work already being done and empowering Black and Brown communities to act against climate change.Read more here

Miss Divine: “Becoming a Black & Green ambassador is an incredible position for me to be in as I love researching, learning new things and sharing information. I’m really looking forward to engaging with communities who have been neglected from receiving the message of climate change, hearing how they feel about it and deciding together what we can do individually and as a collective to make changeRead more here

Rosina Al-Shaater: “I love to help bring people and ideas together, fusing talents and perspectives and encouraging collaboration between projects with shared aims. Exploring our needs and celebrating what we have to contribute as a diverse black & brown community. Taking up space, as a brown woman, and helping create opportunities for others to do the same! Demonstrating that people of all races, genders and abilities can be leaders!Read more here

In the next month…

As we warmly welcome the new Ambassadors, we also look forward to continued collaborations with ‘outgoing’ Ambassadors, Asia Yousif, Olivia Sweeney and Roy Kareem:

If you would like to learn more about opportunities to support Year Two, please get in touch with

If you could offer mentorship to new Ambassadors, register your interest here.

Meet the Ambassadors

Working with and between diverse communities, businesses, other organisations and individuals to explore, amplify and enable solutions leading to an environmentally and socially just


Mentorship is a crucial part of the programme, supporting Ambassadors in planning their leadership development pathway and navigating the range of opportunities and engagements

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