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Rosina Al-Shaater

Challenging racist and exclusive systems that intersect with the environmental movement. Holding accountability where due, removing barriers and forming bridges to ensure a united movement that represents everyone. Exploring our needs and celebrating what we have to contribute as a diverse black & brown community. Taking up space, as a brown woman, and helping create opportunities for others to do the same! Demonstrating that people of all races, genders and abilities can be leaders!

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My pronouns are she/her

My interests and skills are eclectic, yet united in mission. I am drawn to anything that contributes towards a more inclusive, unified, sustainable world. I believe that art is one of the most effective ways to bring about fundamental conscious shifts. Creativity reminds us that we are part of our environment (rather than separate and at the centre!), deepening our connection to ourselves, each other and everything around us! I seek to challenge harmful misconceptions, strengthen community spirit and encourage engagement with the environment through accessible creative routes.

I am a vocalist (Jazz, Soul & Dub Reggae), painter/illustrator and an activist who embraces human empowerment in all it’s intersectional forms, with a recent and very personal focus on challenging negative perceptions around female facial hair and celebrating women, as they are! I love working with people and gravitate towards careers that give opportunity to learn through exchange, and often involve supporting people to empower themselves. I’ve spent the past few years of my life working in varied health & social care settings, specialising mostly in promoting independence for people with dementia and learning disabilities. I am part of the management of the Kuumba Centre, a cultural arts & healing community space, close to the hearts of many generations within the African-Caribbean Diasporic community of Bristol and located in St. Pauls. I love to help bring people and ideas together, fusing talents and perspectives and encouraging collaboration between projects with shared aims. I am also entranced by the conscious patterns and holistic healing powers found in nature (nutritional, medicinal, mindful & spiritual). Currently exploring this as a joyful hobby and an important part of my self-care, I hope to one day channel this passion and lifestyle into creative community projects and practices, with a particular focus on creating healing spaces for black and brown people to deepen our relationship with nature- and inevitably our individual and collective identity and improve health!


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Having the opportunity to reflect on the air quality in my neighbourhood and other parts of Bristol, made me realise how varied air quality is depending on which area of a city you’re in, and how this seems to strongly correlate with social background and race. .