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UKSSN getting schools trained up in the run up to COP26 with a new INSET video on Climate & Sustainability

The UK Schools Sustainability Network (UKSSN) brings together regional networks of school students to connect and collaborate with peers on issues they care about. The whole UK Schools Sustainability Network is hosted and supported by environmental charity Global Action Plan via its Transform Our World teacher hub and community.

“We are at a turning point for climate action, and teachers have a vital role to play in making sure our young people are prepared for a sustainable future. Time is short but action is vital, and I’m delighted to be part of the movement supporting teachers to make this happen” 

Sir Jim Knight, Member of House of Lords, former Minister of State for Schools at Department for Education 

UKSSN has produced an easy-to-access 60-minute Climate/Sustainability INSET video aimed at all staff in secondary schools, including sixth-form colleges.

This is the year to get your whole school trained up as the UK is hosting the critical ‘COP26‘ international climate conference in November 2021.

“This video is an invaluable resource for schools looking for guidance and inspiration to identify what they can do to prepare young people for the future.” 

Matt Larsen-Daw, Education Manager, WWF-UK

The training video includes introductions to Climate Science (with AimHi), Emotions (with Thoughtbox), School Operations (with Let’s Go Zero), Curriculum (with the NEU), Partnerships (with Purpose) and Diversity & Inclusion (with Sheffield Environmental Movement and Black & Green Ambassador Roy). Featuring a Call to Action from former education & environment minister Sir Jim Knight, as well as staff and students from the UKSSN networks.

“Many young people are seeking to learn more about the future of their planet, but most are struggling to know where to go for guidance, whilst parents & teachers are being offered minimal climate-education support or training. As educators it is our responsibility to step forward. It’s time to talk about climate change.”

Rachel Musson, Director of Education, ThoughtBox 

It is now available on the UKSSN YouTube playlist with key resources for use in whole-school INSET days or to circulate for independent viewing in the coming academic year.

“We need diversity not just in our ecosystems but in our human systems to produce the most resilient, robust and creative solutions to the most challenging topics that any generation has ever faced.”

Roy Kareem, Black & Green Ambassador 2021-22 and Director of Bright Green Future, Centre for Sustainable Energy

“Start small and think big – the power of enthusiasm”

Catherine Agius, English & Drama teacher, Bramcote College, Nottingham

“The climate crisis is an educational priority, with all young people to be taught about its ecological and social impact. We must create an all-inclusive environmental and sustainable education setting to provide learning experiences for children and young people.”

Azra Haque, London Chartered Teacher (Science & SEN), National Education Union

“Let’s make the intangible feel tangible”

Dr Patrick Kirwan, Founder of Irish Schools Sustainability Network and Biology teacher, formerly Hammersmith Academy 

“It can feel like a mountain to try and get people involved and convince people that this is important. But there is a rising consensus amongst youth that this is a really really key issue, and that we really need to do something about this.”

Elyse, Berkshire Schools Eco-Network 

“Unfortunately we’ve left it too late to fully prevent the damage that has been caused and that will be caused over the next 10-20 years, but that’s not to say we can’t prevent massive loss of life, both human life, and the extinction of millions of animals and endangered animals that will be completely wiped out, that won’t exist anymore.

Aadarsh, London Schools Eco-Network 

This post was first published on Transform Our World.