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This guest blog from Lucinda Mitchell, Project Director at First Base – a year one sponsor of the programme – shares insights into initiatives helping to make the property industry better for our communities and better for the planet.

Having the opportunity to reflect on the air quality in my neighbourhood and other parts of Bristol, made me realise how varied air quality is depending on which area of a city you’re in, and how this seems to strongly correlate with social background and race. .

This is the year to get your whole school trained up as the UK is hosting the critical ‘COP26’ international climate conference in November 2021.
The UK Schools Sustainability Network has produced a 60-minute Climate/Sustainability INSET video aimed at all staff in secondary schools, including sixth-form colleges.

By Amber Rochette, Partnerships Lead at Sustainable Fashion Week. Sustainability is becoming a popular buzzword in the fashion industry, and companies are attempting to

Roger Griffith It’s been a year since the murder of George Floyd sparked hundreds of Black Lives Matter protests across the world, In Bristol,

We are inviting all sponsors and supporters of the Black & Green Ambassadors programme to share their thoughts and updates on working towards ensuring