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Being an ambassador means disrupting spaces with your presence, actions or words, to engage and raise the visibility of others within the environmental movement.

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I have always been intrigued by storytelling and the power it has to change perspectives. For me, this has led me to forge a career through research, radio and broadcast journalism. I never imagined I’d have the platforms I do now, being able to hold spaces and talk through mediums that are known and listened to by so many.

It is on these platforms that I continue to talk about environmental issues, but more from the perspective of ‘just your average joe’ who feels like they want to do something, to help, to continue that conversation. I had been interested in environmental activism for years but I never quite felt like I fit into the movement. I wanted to see more diversity, but never found it so stopped engaging. Now that I have access to this new voice that I can shout with, I use my space to remind others that environmental conversations need to be real, on a level and with people from all backgrounds who can bring different perspectives to the table. I hope that others are empowered and inspired by what I do and similarly tell their own stories. The Black and Green ambassadorship helped me realise that I do still have a voice within the movement.

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Engaging communities in Easton and Lawrence Hill in the medium of photography to tell their own stories about the environment.

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Diverse Natures

Co-creation of ways to better engage and encourage diverse audiences to connect with nature.

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