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Powering the just transition to a clean energy future

We are inviting all sponsors and supporters of the Black & Green Ambassadors programme to share their thoughts and updates on working towards ensuring the environmental movement is inclusive and representative of all communities.

Thrive Renewables was one of the UK’s first purpose-driven business. Founded in 1994, we have a mission to power the UK’s transition to a clean energy future by helping people meaningfully connect with renewable energy projects. Our vision is of a clean, smart energy system powered by the investment of many.  

Thrive has long been committed to a just energy transition. We ensure people are at the heart of our business and opportunities to play a role in the clean energy transition are open and accessible to all. Whether that’s our 6,000+ investors, the communities who live close to our projects, community energy groups we work with or the wider public. By democratising and decentralising energy generation, we can bring the many benefits of renewables back into the communities who host them. 

We also use our board positions with companies we have invested in, to influence and support them to make positive changes. For example Riding Sunbeams, which plans to help decarbonise the rail network by powering it directly with trackside, community-owned solar farms. As shareholders, alongside Possible, Community Energy South and Friends Provident Foundation, we encouraged them to enshrine a just transition into their company articles, becoming the first UK company to do so.  

At the beginning of 2021, Thrive became a certified B Corporation. B-Corps are businesses which meet the highest social and environmental standards. This certification process provided us with an opportunity to highlight the areas where we perform well, for example gender equality. Our Board of Directors is 44% women and executive team is 55% women, well above the industry standard of 21% and 32% respectively. It also helped us recognise the areas where we could improve, for example ethnic diversity.  

One of the key tenets of being a B Corp is a commitment to continuous improvement. This, along with the growing voice of the Black Lives Matter movement last summer, is why we took the step to support the Black & Green Ambassadors programme, a local initiative in our home city of Bristol. They’re using practical solutions to tackle this huge issue, empowering a new generation of diverse environmental leaders. The renewables sector is working hard to improve diversity and we know there is a lot to learn. By working with the Ambassadors we hope to not only learn, but to help further their mission and create a world in which all people equally benefit from environmentally and socially just communities. 

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